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News from the ACUPCC

Second Nature Takes Lead in Managing Support of American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment
July 2009 | Boston
Second Nature, a national, Boston-based nonprofit, has taken the lead in managing support of the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment as the ACUPCC expands its bold and vital activities to make US higher education sustainable and climate-neutral.

New Guidance for Universities and Colleges to Provide Students with Education on Climate Change and Sustainability

May 2009 | Boston
Many in higher education are struggling to determine the right curricula, research, courses, and programs that will train students and faculty to confront the massive challenge of climate disruption and to have the marketable skills needed in a new clean, green economy. To help leaders in higher education meet this challenge, the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment and Second Nature have released Education for Climate Neutrality and Sustainability: Academic Guidance for ACUPCC Institutions.

ACUPCC's 2008 Annual Report (pdf) now available
ACUPCC Press Release (4/29/09)

Energy Financing Toolkit now available
April 14, 2008 | Boston, MA
The American Colleges and Universities Presidents’ Climate Commitment and the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative, with the assistance over 35 industry experts, created a best practices toolkit as a resource for ACUPCC signatories interested in learning about and conducting an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). EPC is a contractual and financing mechanism through which building owners can undertake comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits with minimal financial exposure and maximum energy and financial savings. You can find information on the tool kit by clicking HERE.

Communicating ACUPCC Video Compilation
November 11, 2008 | Raleigh, NC
It has been said that "communication is to sustainability what location is to real estate." Communicating sustainability goals and strategies with institutional and community stakeholders is a key component in achieving success. And it is with communication that effective collective action can thrive as ACUPCC institutions and the sector of higher education as a whole works toward climate neutrality. With that in mind, we sent out a call for submissions, asking ACUPCC signatories to share the ways they are communicating their commitment to climate neutrality on their campuses.  The following five signatories created videos to communicate their commitment to the ACUPCC and to share their sustainability actions with their campus communities and now with all of you. A big thank you to Delta College, The University of Florida, The Los Angeles Community College District, Cal Poly Pomona, and the University of Pennsylvania for creating these fun and informative videos!

ACUPCC Carbon Offset Protocol launched
November 10, 2008 | Raleigh, NC
At the 2008 AASHE conference in Raleigh, NC, the ACUPCC announced the release of the ACUPCC Carbon Offset Protocol.  The Protocol will help ACUPCC institutions evaluate the complex carbon offset markets and determine if and how to incorporate offsets into their climate action plans.  It also explores how ACUPCC institutions view offsets in the context of their broader plans to reduce and eliminate their on-campus GHG emissions, and what research and educational value offsets can have.  It was developed over a 6-month period by a Working Group of representatives from ACUPCC institutions, and chaired by David Hales, President of College of the Atlantic.  Read the press release here, and the Protocol and the accompanying Guidance Document here.

Arizona State University hosts Sustainability Solutions Summit
September 19, 2008 | Washington, DC
ASU President Michael Crow convened a panel of national leaders in business, government, advocacy and academia, including Dr. Anthony Cortese, President of Second Nature. The Summit offered a lively discussion moderated by journalist Aaron Brown of what the leaders from key sectors are doing – and should be doing – to ensure our planet will be able to continue to sustain life in the future. View webcast

ACUPCC partners with Green for All on the Green Jobs Now <a href=
Day of Action

On September 27, 2008 thousands of Americans will join together to call for a new "green  economy." This vision
includes the creation of green jobs designed to tackle the climate crisis through designing and creating sustainable energy alternatives, local food and transportation systems, and more. Read more about this monumental event here.

ACUPCC 2007 Annual Report & Online Reporting Tool Released
July 8, 2008
The 2007 ACUPCC Annual Report and the online reporting tool are now posted. The 2007 Annual Report provides an overview of the progress made by signatories. It also includes a collection of stories from select ACUPCC institutions describing exciting climate and energy successes on their campuses related to ACUPCC implementation. The online reporting tool is hosted by AASHE and allows signatories to submit reports and view reports from other signatories.

All 50 States Now Represented in the ACUPCC!

Press Release April 22, 2008

Concordia University President Brian Friedrich chose Earth Day to sign the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). This not only makes Concordia the first signatory institution in Nebraska, but it also “completes the map” for the ACUPCC, meaning all 50 states and the District of Columbia are now represented – a fitting Earth Day achievement for the initiative. Read the full press release here.

American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment Leadership Summit
Grand Rapids, MI - June 5-6, 2008

We are pleased to announce the upcoming ACUPCC 2008 Leadership Summit in Grand Rapids, MI. This inspirational event will bring together ACUPCC signatories to review the progress that has been made to date and to explore several exciting opportunities associated with implementing the Commitment. It will include break-out sessions to discuss and create solutions to the key implementation challenges.

Presidential Institute Council of Independent Colleges January 5, 2008
The speech, "Making the Commitment to a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Society" (PDF)delivered by Tony Cortese, President of Second Nature is now available for download. The Council of Independent Colleges is the major national service organization for all small and mid-sized, independent, liberal arts colleges and universities in the U.S.

Two-Month Progress Reports Now Available
Hundreds of two-month progress reports from charter signatories are now available on our Reporting page. The requirements for this initial report are very important in demonstrating some early success- both for individual schools and for the ACUPCC as a whole. Charter signatories who have not yet submitted their two-month reporting form are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. The ACUPCC team is busy working on a flexible online reporting mechanism in time for the next ACUPCC Implementation Clock Start Date, January 15th 2008.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Brief Now Available
The ACUPCC Greenhouse Inventory Brief, a 5-page summary of GHG inventory tools and resources is now available.  It provides an overview of common resources for conducting a GHG inventory on campus and discusses the merits and drawbacks of each.

Play Video of President ClintonVideo of President Clinton Announcing Partnership with ACUPCC at Greenbuild 2007
The USGBC has made videos of keynote speakers from the recent Greenbuild Expo in Chicago, including the announcement by former President Bill Clinton regarding a partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the ACUPCC. View the video segment about ACUPCC.

First Wave of Implementation Progress Report Submissions Begins Early
The first 2-month ACUPCC deadline (November 15th 2007) is still weeks away, and yet already the first wave of reports from Charter Signatories has begun rolling in to the AASHE office. The ACUPCC team is busy working on a flexible online reporting mechanism, and in the interim you can check out the results on our Reporting web page. Congratulations to these diligent groups and to all signatories for their leadership on this important issue!

Implementation clock starts for ACUPCC Charter Signatories
On September 15th, the implementation clock started for 403 Charter Signatories.  Their first milestone will be November 15th, when they will be reporting on the creation of their institutional structures for climate action plan development, and which of the two or more tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gases they intend to take or have already taken.  Reporting is easy – signatories simply download the ACUPCC Two-month Reporting Form fill it out, and click on a button to automatically submit it via email.

Official ACUPCC Implementation Guide Released for Use
The ACUPCC Implementation Guide is the 'handbook' of the ACUPCC. It provides more detail on the specific obligations in the Commitment, explains technical issues related to implementation, and outlines key policies. It is intended for use at several levels, including presidents and other senior administrators, sustainability committees and directors, and ACUPCC implementation liaisons, etc. A Summary Feedback Document describing the comments received and any changes made in response has also been released.

Annapolis Group Meeting June 19, 2007
The speech, "Higher Education Leadership in Reversing Global Warming and Creating a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Society" (PDF) delivered by Tony Cortese, President of Second Nature is now available for download. The Annapolis Group is an organization of the leading national independent liberal arts colleges who come together to share mutual interests and information that will strengthen their respective educational programs.

Deadline for Charter Signatory status and Implementation Clock start date moved to September 15, 2007
The implementation start date for all Charter Signatories has been set at September 15, 2007. This will allow all Charter Signatories to start at the same time and also give all signatories this summer to begin the planning work. The change also means that students will be present during creation of instituional structures to guide ACUPCC implementation. The deadline for becoming a Charter Signatory has also been changed to September 15, 2007 to coincide with the beginning of the implementation schedule, and to help encourage other presidents and chancellors to sign the Commitment over the summer.

RecycleMania Waste Minimization option added to list of short-term tangible actions
The Steering Committee has approved an additional waste minimization-related option for the menu of short term tangible actions in the Section 2 of the Commitment. The new tangible action option is to "Participate in the Waste Minimization component of the national RecycleMania competition, and adopt 3 or more associated measures to reduce waste." By increasing the list tangible actions options (from which signatories must choose two) from six to seven, this addition will provide more flexibility for signatories without adding any additional requirements. This change was made to: make it easier for schools to sign the Commitment; provide support and encouragement for waste reduction and recycling programs that have been a longstanding cornerstone of campus environmental programs; and reinforce the significant positive impacts waste reduction and recycling have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. RecycleMania is a friendly competition among campuses to increase recycling and reduce waste that occurs every year over a 10 week period in the spring. The Waste Minimization component of the competition rewards the institution that produces the least amount of municipal solid waste (including both recyclables and trash) per person.

ACUPCC launched at DC Leadership Summit
The ACUPCC Leadership Summit and public launch on June 11-12 in Washington, D.C was a great success! We were pleased to have 70 college and university presidents and over 30 higher education association leaders along with visits by members of the US Senate and House, national and regional news media and the EPA Administrator. As you may have seen, the launch got major media attention including the New York Times, Washington Post, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and AP.

  Media coverage of the ACUPCC

Listed below are newspaper and magazine articles that cover the Presidents Climate Commitment and its signatories. The most recent articles are listed first. To submit a news item, please send the link to

Community Colleges and Sustainability
By Joliet Community College President Eugenia Proulx
Solutions for Our Future (6/4/09)

How a pioneering university hopes to cut its carbon footprint in half
New York Times (5/29/09)

Carbon neutrality plan is in the works
Tulane University press release (3/25/09)

UNC committed to cutting greenhouse gases
The Chapel Hill News (3/22/09)

Buying Carbon Neutrality: New Protocol Suggests Wise Investments
ClimateEdu (2/24/09)

The Last Rail Car - Duke University's last coal delivery by rail is celebrated
Duke University press release (2/23/09)

Time for leadership on global warming - An Op-Ed by Furman University President David E. Shi
The State (2/22/09)

Anticipating Stimulus Money for Campus Projects, Colleges Get ‘Shovel Ready’                 Chronicle of Higher Education (1/23/09, subscription only)

Colleges are reducing their carbon footprint and developing technology that's helping to improve the planet
Continental Airlines magazine (12/08)

Life on a Green Campus
Redlands Daily Facts (11/20/08)

Climate-Commitment Backers Release a Guide to Offsets at Sustainability Conference
The Chronicle of Higher Education (11/20/08)

Six Vermont colleges take green pledge
Rutland Herald (10/26/08)

Campuses find going green can be tough
The Christian Science Monitor (10/26/08)

Climate commitment struggle? ESCO to the rescue
Greentree Gazette (10/21/08)

University of Vermont details its GHG emissions
Burlington Free Press (9/ 7/08)

Border skirmishes
Inside Higher Ed (9/14/08)

Universities Aim for "A+" in Carbon Reductions
Architectural Record (8/29/08)

Higher Learning Adapts to a Greening Attitute
Washington Post (6/22/08)

Arizona State University to start rooftop solar project (6/11/08)

The Greening of Johnson County
Kansas City Star (4/08/08)

McDaniel College Joins Schools in Growing Green Movement (3/20/08)

Eco Friendly on Campus

USA Today Weekend (3/16/2008)

Green Planning on a Grand Scale
Inside Higher Ed (3/4/08)

Carbon Neutral U
Metropolis Magazine (2/20/08)

Western Goes Greener
La Crosse Tribune (1/25/2008)

The Greening of the U. of Minnesota
The Chronicle of Higher Ed (1/24/08)

Committee assesses UC's level of carbon emissions
The News Record (1/23/08)

Lafayette College Makes Commitment to Go Green
WFMZ-TV 69 News (1/22/08)

University of Rhode Island Reduces Energy through Performance Contracts
Reuters (1/9/08)

NKU President signs Climate Commitment
Business Courier (12/20/07)

College of the Atlantic Goes Climate Neutral
Associated Press (12/19/07)

Colleges Sign Emmisions Pledge
Worcester Telegram (10/01/07)

For New Center, Harvard Agrees to Emissions Cuts
New York Times (09/18/07)

The Green Campus
Newsweek (08/20/07)

Southern Gets Greener
Connecticut Business News Journal (08/20/07)

Getting Schools to Think and Act Green
Time (08/10/07)

15 Green Colleges and Universities
Grist (08/10/07)

SCSU president declares school carbon-neutral
New Haven Register (08/13/07)

Eco University
Philadelphia Business Journal (08/03/07)

BSU signs pact to eliminate global warming emissions
The Star Press (08/02/07)

SJU's president signs pledge for carbon neutrality
St. Cloud Times (07/20/07)

Growing a greener campus
Rosemount Town Pages (07/20/07)

CGCC increases efforts to go green
The Arizona Republic (07/18/07)

UMF chief joins peers fighting global warming
Sun Journal (07/18/07)

University joins 'green' initiative
The Beacon (07/16/07)

At Richland College, climate agreement is just the first step
The Dallas Morning News (07/15/07)

FSU leads by example on global warming, environment
The Cumberland Times-News (07/08/07)

Cedar Valley College commits to reducing greenhouse emissions
The Dallas Morning News (07/06/07)

PCC makes a commitment
The Lake Oswego Review (07/02/07)

University system signs 'climate neutrality' commitment
The Citizen of Laconia (06/30/07)

PSC joins pact to fight climate change
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise (06/29/07)

Vt. colleges plan carbon neutrality
Rutland Herald (06/28/07)

Higher Education Tackling Travel's Environmental Impact
Travel Management (06/27/07)

UW-River Falls Campus energizing with vow to go green
St. Paul Pioneer Press (06/24/07)

Steps Toward Green: JMU President, 280 Other Presidents Sign Agreement
Harrisonburg Daily News-Record (06/23/07)

Chancellor commits to 'climate neutral' campus
River Falls Journal (06/22/07)

Vermont colleges take lead toward carbon-neutrality
Burlington Free Press (06/21/07)

College presidents promise conservation
Concord Monitor (06/19/07)

Drury adds climate neutrality to campus goals
Springfield News-Leader (06/19/07)

Colleges say they'll become "climate neutral"
New Mexico Business Weekly (06/18/07)

NKU in effort to reverse global warming
The Cincinnati Post (06/18/07)

Foothill-De Anza pledges to combat global warming
La Voz (06/18/07)

Majoring in saving the earth
The Times Leader (06/17/07)

Walking the walk on climate change
The News-Times (06/16/07)

Frostburg State president joins leadership circle
Mineral Daily News-Tribune (06/15/07)

College signs climate commitment
The Ithacan (06/15/07)

NMSU signs pact to cut pollution
Las Cruces Sun-News (06/15/07)

IC officially signs on to climate commitment
The Ithaca Journal (06/14/07)

University to reduce gas emissions
The Diamondback (06/14/07)

Campuses Pledge Climate Neutrality
Chemical & Engineering News (06/14/07)

College Leaders Push for Carbon Neutrality
New York Times (06/13/07)

Universities pledge to go 'climate neutral'
Los Angeles Times (06/13/07)

College Presidents Pledge to Cut Greenhouse-Gas Emissions
The Chronicle of Higher Education (06/13/07)

Presidents and Their Green Pledge
Inside Higher Ed (06/13/07)

Maine colleges set to join effort on climate
Kennebec Journal (06/13/07)

OU agrees to fight global warming
The Oklahoman (06/13/07)

Colleges pledge to cut emissions
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (06/13/07)

Evergreen signs on for carbon neutrality
The Olympian (06/13/07)

CSUMB officially green
The Salinas Californian (06/13/07)

CSUMB joins others in green commitment
The Monterey Herald (06/13/07)

Colleges launch effort to be 'climate-neutral'
The Greenville News (06/13/07)

St. Ben's strives to be 'climate neutral'
St. Cloud Times (06/13/07)

Colleges Pledge to Back Climate Initiative
The Washington Post (06/12/07)

Colleges make green commitment
The Associated Press (06/12/07)

Cornell Among 280 Schools Pledging to Become `Carbon Neutral'
Bloomberg (06/12/07)

ASU rallies colleges to go greener
The Arizona Republic (06/12/07)

3 colleges join climate crusade
Deseret News (06/10/07)

FGCU sets higher environmental standard
Florida Weekly (06/07/07)

FGCU to join efforts to curb global warming
Naples Daily News (05/31/07)

McDavis' step toward reducing OU's carbon footprint admirable
The Post (05/30/07)

A commitment to the environment
The Boston Globe (05/26/07)

Green compact to make UWS more enviro-friendly
The Daily Telegram (05/15/07)

Oswego State makes 'green' pledge
The Syracuse Post-Standard (05/14/07)

FSU president makes pledge to environment
The Cumberland Times-News (05/13/07)

FLC's pledge of climate neutrality brings action
The Durango Herald (05/10/07)

Climate pledge advances Rider sustainability
The Lawrence Ledger (05/10/07)

SUNY President Signs Pledge to Address Climate Change
The Palladium Times (05/05/07)

Going Green Equals Good Business
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education (05/03/07)

Gore's speech at Hamilton prompts action by college, city of Utica
Adirondack Daily Enterprise (05/01/07)

Goshen commits to 'climate neutral' campus
The Mennonite (05/01/07)

Hocking College commits to fighting global warming
Athens News (04/30/07)

Campuses going green
Daytona Beach News-Journal (04/29/07)

Environmental responsibility one of core values at Stetson
Daytona Beach News-Journal (04/29/07)

Colleges, universities can help combat climate change
Asheville Citizen-Times (04/27/07)

UMaine gears up to go climate neutral
Portland Press Herald (04/27/07)

Wagner College takes steps to 'go green'
Staten Island Advance (04/22/07)

U., Westminster announce environment-friendly plans
Deseret News (04/21/07)

Oregon State Signs Pledge to Make Campus Climate Neutral
Salem-News (04/20/07)

Frohnmayer pledges to take environmental action and curb UO carbon emissions
Daily Emerald (04/19/07)

UO, city step up to climate challenge
The Register-Guard (04/18/07)

Menino, Aoun pledge green Hub
Northeastern News (04/18/07)

OU signs on to protect environment
The Post (04/18/07)

Dennison starts Earth Week with climate pledge
Montana Kaimin (04/17/07)

As Earth Week begins, OU prez to announce global-warming commitment
Athens News (04/16/07)

Macalester to lead nation-wide environmental movement
The Mac Weekly (04/08/07)

Georgia's gowns go green
Marietta Daily Journal (04/08/07)

4Cs Leads Commitment to Combat Climate Change
Cape Cod Today (04/04/07)

UC commits to climate policy
The Daily Bruin (04/03/07)

A new, green campus in SPSU's future?
The Sting (04/01/07)

Cascadia, UW-Bothell make the grade for environmental protection
Bothell Reporter (03/31/07)

Albrecht signs sustainability initiative
The Utah Statesman (03/30/07)

UC's climate vow
Sacramento News & Review (03/29/07)

UM joins global warming coalition
Missoulian (03/28/07)

WWU to curb its emissions
The Bellingham Herald (03/26/07)

5 Ariz. colleges join pact to cut greenhouse gas
The Arizona Republic (03/17/07)

Rowan pledges to fight warming
Gloucester County Times (03/17/07)

ASU joins universities' drive to 'go green'
Business Journal of Phoenix (03/15/07)

UH works to reduce greenhouse emissions
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (03/11/07)

UC Promotes Earth Friendly Practices, Energy Efficiency
Daily Nexus (03/09/07)

UA pledges sustainability on campus
The Arkansas Traveler (03/08/07)

SBC Goes Green: President Muhlenfeld Signs American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment and the Green Gets Greener
The Voice (03/08/07)

UCCS climate change attack heats up
The Colorado Springs Gazette (03/02/07)

Luther to reduce greenhouse emissions
Chips (03/01/07)

On this green campus, Crow pushes for no emissions
The State Press (02/28/07)

CU will lead on sustainability
Boulder Daily Camera (02/24/07)

Skorton Commits C.U. To Climate Neutrality
Cornell Daily Sun (02/23/07)

Cornell's Skorton to sign climate-change commitment
The Ithaca Journal (02/23/07)

College signs climate pact
The Ithacan (02/23/07)

Three VA Presidents sign to reduce carbon emissions
Collegiate Times (02/23/07)

CU in full swing to go green
The Campus Press (02/22/07)

Ithaca College to join national group focused on energy efficiency
The Ithaca Journal (02/21/07)

Drury joins nationwide efforts to fight global warming
Springfield Business Journal (02/20/07)

President commits to carbon emission reduction
Daily Vanguard (02/20/07)

Winona going green: City, county, WSU leading the effort
Winona Daily News (02/18/07)

70 College Presidents Sign Commitment to Limit Carbon Emissions on Their Campuses
Chronicle of Higher Education (02/16/07)

UNH joins climate commitment
Foster's Daily Democrat (02/16/07)

Sellars signs "climate neutral" agreement
The Mirror (02/12/07)

Western joins efforts to fight global warming
The Western Front (02/09/07)

Penn president signs sustainability pledge
The Daily Pennsylvanian (02/07/07)

Haeger fights global warming
The Lumberjack (02/07/07)

Penn makes climate commitment
Philadelphia Business Journal (02/05/07)

Campuses must lead efforts to address global climate change
The Herald-Sun (01/28/07)

The Gold Standard of Green Standards
Inside Higher Ed (01/26/07)

College signs on for climate commitment
Asheville Citizen-Times (01/26/07)

Universities and global warming: UK activist calls for emissions reduction
The Courier-Journal (01/21/07)

Zingg makes a commitment to the climate
Chico Enterprise-Record (01/19/07)

Colleges warming to climate-change commitments
Daytona Beach News-Journal (01/13/07)

Machen signs pledge to make UF more ecofriendly
The Independent Florida Alligator (01/11/07)

UF’s green pledge (Editorial)
Gainesville Sun (01/05/07)

University Presidents Promote Higher Education Climate Commitment (01/04/07)

UF commits to fight global warming
Gainesville Sun (01/04/07)

Dye Makes Pledge: Climate Neutrality
The Oberlin Review (11/17/06)

Machen: UF will be one of first to join climate pact
Gainesville Sun (10/26/06)


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2009 ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit
Chicago, IL
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ACUPCC Pre-Conference Workshop at Greening of the Campus:
Crafting Your Climate Action Plan: Moving Farther and Faster with All Aboard!
September 20,2009
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Power Shift 2009
More than 10,000 young people will converge on DC for three days of training, strategy and action on clean and just energy.
Washington, DC
February 27 - March 2, 2009

The National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions

These events will engage more than a million Americans at thousands of campuses and other institutions in a dialogue about the clean energy transformation that can stop global warming
February 5, 2009

Tracking and Reducing Transportation Emissions
Join Clean Air-Cool Planet and the University of New Hampshire to learn from UNH's experience of surveying students and implementing carbon reduction strategies around transportation.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Carbon Calculations 201
This Clean Air - Cool Planet webinar is an advanced discussion of the inventory process and the "behind the scenes" of the carbon calculations themselves.
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
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2008 ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit
Grand Rapids, MI | June 5-6, 2008

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