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American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment
The ACUPCC Implementer AASHE

Dear Implementation Liaisons,

Last month the AASHE team that supports implementation activities for the ACUPCC met at our offices in Lexington, Kentucky to finalize the business plan for 2009, and we took a team picture to help you put faces to the names of the people who are working to support your efforts. Julian is the Associate Director of AASHE and has led the planning and development of the Reporting System and AASHE Resource Center, while Jon is the IT wunderkind who created the system and designed this newsletter, among other things. Niles is the Project Coordinator whose name you might have seen on various emails related to reporting and general implementation questions. Brittany is the AASHE intern who sends you reminders about reporting and then calls you to follow up! We have a lot of exciting activities planned for 2009 including expanding our training and educational activities, revamping the ACUPCC website, and launching the CAP wiki and Climate Forum, and as always we welcome you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Best regards,
Toni Nelson

Table of Contents

  1. ACUPCC Reporting System Updated to Provide Automated Reporting Reminders and Extension Requests
  2. Announcing New Campus Climate Action Plan Manual and Blog!
  3. A Recommendation on How to Account for Carbon Sinks in Campus Forests or Lands
  4. Collaborative Climate Action Plan Development: The Duke Endowment and Furman University Sponsor CAP Workshop

ACUPCC Reporting System Updated to Provide Automated Reporting Reminders and Extension Requests

By Julian Dautremont-Smith, Associate Director, AASHE

AASHE released another upgrade to the ACUPCC Reporting System this month. Signatories can now submit extension requests more easily through an online form. We've also automated a variety of notices to help keep signatories informed about upcoming reporting deadlines. Please let us know if you have any questions about the changes. Visit the Reporting System now.

Announcing New Campus Climate Action Plan Manual and Blog!

By Walter Simpson, Retired UB Energy Officer

Attention Campus Climateers! We are happy to announce more resources to assist you in the development of your campus climate action plan (CAP)... a weekly CAP blog and (drum roll) a soon-to-be-posted climate action planning manual! With the help of peer reviewers, I am preparing a comprehensive CAP manual that we hope will fill a gap in the resources that are presently available. This manual will not be a cookbook because each college and university is going to have its own CAP recipe, but the manual will contain a great deal of "how to" detail--and we know many schools are looking for that kind of help. Campus climate neutrality is no easy undertaking and we want to help you keep your leadership commitment. We plan to post the CAP manual in late February as an on-line wiki--thus allowing you to add your own experience and knowledge to it... Read more.

A Recommendation on How to Account for Carbon Sinks in Campus Forests or Lands

By Jennifer Andrews, Campus Program Manager, Clean Air-Cool Planet

This article provides an overview of challenges related to accounting for campus-based carbon sequestration. CA-CP will be offering a series of webinars with expert speakers to delve into more specifics. Please check www.cleanair-coolplanet.org for forthcoming dates, times, and guest presenters.

In the years that CA-CP has been working with colleges, universities, and others to track and reduce carbon emissions, I've lost count of the number of greenhouse gas inventory questions we have gotten about carbon sinks from campus forests or other land. The questions generally fall into three camps: whether to measure such sinks, how to measure them, and, how to report them... Read more.

Collaborative Climate Action Plan Development: The Duke Endowment and Furman University Sponsor CAP Workshop

By Angela Halfacre, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Education
and Associate Professor of Political Science, Furman University

For more information about the CAP Workshop at Furman, including the agenda, presentations, and impressions of participants, go to http://www.furman.edu/sustain/capworkshop.htm.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of creating a Climate Action Plan (CAP)? Are you frustrated by the difficulties of galvanizing a campus behind the Presidents' Climate Commitment? Are you eager to learn from the efforts of others? The need to address these and other questions prompted The James B. Duke Endowment and Furman University to co-sponsor a CAP workshop in January 2009. The primary goal was to nurture collaboration, inspire creativity, and wrestle with CAP-related questions common to all campuses, and ultimately to create a CAP template for each school. Teams from four colleges that are annual beneficiaries of The Duke Endowment--Davidson College, Duke University, Furman University, and Johnson C. Smith University--converged at Furman's campus in Greenville, South Carolina. They were joined by representatives from Cornell University, Middlebury College, Pomona College, and the University of New Hampshire (UNH), along with staff members from Clean Air-Cool Planet... Read more.


Membership in AASHE provides excellent value for signatories of the ACUPCC, offering access to a rich array of online resources and numerous opportunities for networking, information sharing, collaboration, and professional development. Join now!


ACUPCC Reporting System

Extension Policy

Implementation Guide (PDF)

GHG Inventory Brief (PDF)

Climate Action Plans

NWF Guide to Climate Action Planning

EH&E White Paper on Writing a Climate Action Plan

The Educational Facilities Professionals Practical Guide to Reducing the Campus Carbon Footprint


RecycleMania 2009
January 18-March 28, 2009

Power Shift 2009
February 27-March 2, 2009

2009 Smart & Sustainable Campuses Conference
April 5-7, 2009


Additional Webinars are available for download on the ACUPCC Web site.

Three Simple Steps to a Carbon Neutrality Plan Webcast
February 26, 2009

Creating Climate Action Plans, Clean Air-Cool Planet
March 10, 2009


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