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American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment
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Dear Implementation Liaisons,

I would like to announce that we have scheduled our first workshop on Climate Action Planning to take place on April 5 in collaboration with the Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference at the University of Maryland. Partnering with Honeywell, Clean Air-Cool Planet, and the University of Maryland's Office of Sustainability, we plan to make this an interactive experience where participants will have the opportunity to calculate the costs vs. GHG reductions benefits of possible mitigation strategies they are considering for their campuses. The timing for this workshop couldn’t be better as it will take place on the heels of launching the Climate Action Planning Wiki, expected to go public on the AASHE Resource Center before the end of March. At the conference we will also conduct a follow-up IL Networking Meeting to the successful event held at AASHE2008 in which more than 50 Implementation Liaisons participated. It was a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and challenges amongst the signatory institutions, and we are looking to generate the same energy at this event. Hope to see you there!

Best regards,
Toni Nelson

Table of Contents

  1. Greenfield Community College Launches New Curriculum on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  2. Scientists' Warning Reminds Us of the Importance of Our Work, Topics for March Climate Action Planning Blogs Announced
  3. The Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium Works to Support the ACUPCC
  4. Saint Xavier University Achieves Significant Cost Reductions by Building to LEED Gold

Greenfield Community College Launches New Curriculum on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

by Brian Adams, Professor of Environmental Studies/Natural Resources,
Greenfield Community College

Adjunct Peter Talmage explaining the workings of a solar hot water heater

Let there be no mistake: as colleges and universities our largest "footprint" is the education that our students receive. While continuing to focus on carbon reduction through infrastructure measures, ACUPCC signatories cannot forget to also "preach what we practice". Incorporating global warming and energy issues into existing curriculum and offering creative and challenging new courses in renewable energy and energy efficiency is essential. To do otherwise will shortchange a vital component of our students' education and potential career pathways, and drastically reduce our institutions' ability to ultimately impact climate change. Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, Massachusetts has leapt into the energy education field by initiating a 28 credit Certificate in Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency (RE/EE) and, beginning this fall, a 60 credit Associates of Liberal Arts in RE/EE... Read more.

Scientists' Warning Reminds Us of the Importance of Our Work
Topics for March Climate Action Planning Blogs Announced

by Walter Simpson, Retired UB Energy Officer

Like you, I receive a lot of information on climate change. It's hard to read everything which comes my way. But every now and then an article's headline makes it impossible to ignore. That's how I reacted to a February 15th article in the Washington Post by Kari Lydersen entitled "Scientists: Pace of Climate Change Exceeds Estimates." The article discusses remarks made by climate scientists at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Christopher Field, director of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University is quoted as saying, "We are basically looking now at a future climate that's beyond anything we've considered seriously in climate model simulations..." Read more.

The Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium Works to Support the ACUPCC

by Stephen Muzzy, Program Manager, Second Nature

Continuing with the accumulation of great resources and information to support your ACUPCC implementation efforts I am pleased to share with you the work of the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC). As an official endorser of the ACUPCC, HEASC collectively promotes and shares ACUPCC resources and events with their members. Below you will find a list of ACUPCC resources developed by HEASC members as well as examples of individual associations' actions to build their institutional capacity to support the higher education sustainability movement... Read more.

Saint Xavier University Achieves Significant Cost Reductions by Building to LEED Gold

by David Hasty, Environmental Sustainability Intern, Saint Xavier University

Saint Xavier is excited for its future because "going green" means "saving green." The University's new green residence halls, Rubloff Hall ($9.5 million) and O'Brien Hall ($10.8 million), will produce economic savings for years to come. The halls' state-of-the-art mechanical systems and energy efficient designs will more than compensate for front-end costs by significantly outperforming traditionally constructed buildings. In November 2008, Saint Xavier used Rubloff Hall (right) to participate in a U.S. Green Building Council/Environmental Protection Agency–sponsored study on the economics of going "green." Although Rubloff Hall's energy efficient features cost $269,100, a 3.77% construction premium, these expenses will be defrayed in less than five years... Read more.


Membership in AASHE provides excellent value for signatories of the ACUPCC, offering access to a rich array of online resources and numerous opportunities for networking, information sharing, collaboration, and professional development. Join now!


Opportunity for Campuses to Host a Climate Corps Fellow

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Implementation Guide (PDF)

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Climate Action Plans

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The Educational Facilities Professionals Practical Guide to Reducing the Campus Carbon Footprint


RecycleMania 2009
January 18-March 28, 2009

Power Down for the Planet
March 23-April 17, 2009

Headwaters Gathering: Southern Appalachia at the Crossroads
March 27-29, 2009

Pre-Conference Workshop on Climate Action Planning and IL Networking Meeting, Smart & Sustainable Campuses Conference
April 5-7, 2009

Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming
April 15, 2009


Additional Webinars are available for download on the ACUPCC Web site.

Creating Climate Action Plans, Clean Air-Cool Planet
March 10, 2009

EYP: Become a Carbon Zero Hero
March 11, 2009


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