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American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment
The ACUPCC Implementer

Dear Implementation Liaisons,

I'd like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the new resources that have recently become available and make sure you are aware of some exciting upcoming events. The ACUPCC Steering Committee released Leading Profound Change, written by Second Nature staff to assist Presidents and Chancellors with leading their institutions toward climate neutrality. The Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC) published its 2008 Annual Report, which provides an overview of the Consortium's collective and individual efforts to make the transition to a clean and green economy a reality. And Walter Simpson's wiki seed text turned into a pdf document called Cool Campus! James has been calling many of you to follow up on reporting deadlines and assist with questions you have, while Barbara is working to develop the business plan for the spanking-new Training & Education program, as well as coordinating other opportunities like the NAELS project described below. We'd like to ask all designated Implementation Liaisons to complete a SURVEY by August 15 to help her understand your needs better. The ACUPCC team is busy gearing up for the Annual Summit on August 13 & 14 in Chicago, which will feature a group of nationally recognized speakers including Rick Fedrizzi, Martha Kanter, Janine Benyus, Christopher Flavin, and Peter Senge. Finally, don't forget to register for the ACUPCC pre-conference workshop on "Crafting Your Climate Action Plan", taking place on September 20 at the Greening of the Campus Conference. See you there!

With regards,
Toni Nelson

Table of Contents

  1. NAELS Project to Provide Signatories with Assistance Developing Their ACUPCC Reports, OR, How to Get $100,000 in Sustainability Services for Free
  2. Help Make a Difference on National Policy
  3. Boldly Sustainable: Available on Your Campus Now!
  4. Warren Wilson College EcoDorm Is First Platinum Dormitory in the Nation

NAELS Project to Provide Signatories with Assistance Developing Their ACUPCC Reports, OR, How to Get $100,000 in Sustainability Services for Free

by Dan Worth, Executive Director, National Association of Environmental Law Societies

The team at University of California, Santa Barbara with Kermit

Fahmida Ahmed has spent the past five years working to expand sustainability on California's largest and most prestigious campuses. Currently the Manager for Sustainability Programs at Stanford University, she is one of the new breed of "sustainability experts" - a role that might have confused in 2005, but is now in high demand as campuses, companies, cities, states, and nations look for professionals to save them energy and money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2005, however, one lucky campus got her services - as well as the services of four other young, inspired, visionary sustainability experts - FREE - for an entire year, through a project called Campus Climate Neutral ("CCN"). And you might be able to as well. Read More...

Help Make a Difference on National Policy

by Don Ryan, Vice President for Policy, Second Nature

If you want to help bring the voice of higher education to the policy-making table, please read on to learn how faculty and staff at your institution can make a difference. At the request of the ACUPCC Steering Committee, Second Nature is working to strengthen higher education's impact on national policy related to climate and sustainability. In addition to more actively engaging presidents, Second Nature is building a network of faculty and staff who want to elevate the national policy dialogue. Second Nature wants to identify all faculty and staff at each college and university who are interested in working on national policy related to sustainability, including one staff member at each institution to serve as Policy Liaison and point of contact. If your personal commitment to sustainability includes advocacy for national policy change, we hope you will join us. Read more.

Boldly Sustainable: Available on Your Campus Now!

by Peter Bardaglio, Senior Fellow, Second Nature and Andrea Putman, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Second Nature

Run, don't walk to the office of your nearest president, provost, or chief financial officer and grab their copy of Boldly Sustainable. The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) has sent our book to each of these senior leaders at your institution if it belongs to the organization, and chances are it does. More than 2,200 universities and colleges are NACUBO members. Sustainability coordinators and those overseeing the implementation of the ACUPCC will find plenty of information on such practical issues as monitoring energy performance, LEED standards for new and existing buildings, water conservation, transportation, recycling, and purchasing. And, of course, no book on sustainability can overlook the challenge of financing new initiatives. Read more.

Warren Wilson College EcoDorm Is First Platinum Dormitory in the Nation

by Margo N. Flood, Executive Director, Environmental Leadership Center
Chief Sustainability Official, Warren Wilson College

Climate change is the sustainability challenge of our time. As part of Warren Wilson College's ACUPCC commitment, sustainability principles are woven throughout our Climate Action Plan, highlighting the benefit to at least two bottom lines - the operating budget and greenhouse gas emissions. Case studies like the story of the EcoDorm, the only LEED EB-Platinum dormitory in the nation, demonstrate that if you monitor energy usage, the built environment serves as a terrific entry point into sustainability education and significant emissions reductions. With a cost premium of only 10 percent, the EcoDorm uses 69% less energy than conventional structures of the same size. Read more.


Membership in AASHE provides excellent value for signatories of the ACUPCC, offering access to a rich array of online resources and numerous opportunities for networking, information sharing, collaboration, and professional development. Join now!


ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit
August 13-14, 2009
Chicago, IL

ACUPCC Pre-Conference Workshop: Crafting Your Climate Action Plan: Moving Further and Faster with All Aboard!
September 20, 2009
Indianapolis, IN

Greening of the Campus VIII: Embracing Change
September 20-23, 2009
Indianapolis, IN


Leading Profound Change: A Resource for Presidents and Chancellors (PDF)

HEASC 2008 Annual Report

Cool Campus! A How-To Guide for College and University Climate Action Planning (PDF)

Climate Action Planning Wiki

ACUPCC 2008 Annual Report

ACUPCC Reporting System

Implementation Guide (PDF)

Clean Air-Cool Planet Campus Carbon Calculator

Climate Action Plans


Vanquish the Phantom Load Villain
July 15, 2009 (Recording)


Advancing Green Building in Higher Education
AASHE membership discounts available for the first 100 under-resourced schools that sign up

Recovery Act Competitive Grants
Summary of the Department of Labor's guidelines for green jobs, totaling $500M

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