American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment

ACUPCC Annual Report


The ACUPCC Annual Report provides an annual overview of the progress made by signatories.

2008 Annual Report

The 2008 Annual Report (PDF) was released in March 2009. The report contains data views of the ACUPCC's impact and inspiring sucess stories from over twenty signatories. Additionally, there is a progress report outlining each school's standing as of December 31, 2008.

2007 Annual Report

The 2007 Annual Report (PDF) was released in May 2008.  In addition to a snapshot of all signatory reports received by December 31, 2007, the 2007 Annual Report includes a collection of brief stories from select ACUPCC institutions describing exciting climate and energy successes on their campuses related to ACUPCC implementation.

The stories are taken from longer stories describing exciting climate and energy successes related to ACUPCC implementation. We didn't have space to include the full text of these stories in the Annual Report, but the stories are so inspiring and informative that we've decided to make them available as special companion publication (PDF). 

The full stories are also available for download individually:

We welcome more submissions from presidents and chancellors describing how their institution has benefitted from signing the ACUPCC.  Instructions:  submit a 1-3 page story (Times New Roman, font size 12) including a photo of the president or chancellor, any other pictures of highly visible sustainability efforts, and your school's logo, to Colin Smith at

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  ACUPCC Resources  

The Commitment (PDF)
The American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment document (2 pages)

A Call for Climate Leadership (PDF)
A more in depth discussion, including the background of the initiative, a roadmap to climate neutrality, and illustrative examples of existing, successful actions from campuses around the country (16 pages)

Implementation Guide (PDF)
The 'handbook' of the ACUPCC, providing more detail on the specific obligations in the Commitment, explaining technical issues related to implementation, and outlining key policies

ACUPCC Online Reporting Tool
An online tool hosted by AASHE for submitting reports and viewing reports from other signatories.  Implementation Liaisons should receive login information for the reporting tool. If you have not, please contact

ACUPCC GHG Inventory Brief (PDF)
Brief summary of common GHG inventory tools and resources, discussing the merits and drawbacks of each in the campus context.

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